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Our July event is coming soon.

Future Event Dates:


Sheraton ATL


Sheraton ATL


Hyatt Regency ATL


Hyatt Regency ATL


Hyatt Regency ATL


Sheraton ATL


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#OSSBday Shouts on Big Screen at The Event

Remember, OSS is not a "party."
NOPE... OSS is an "EVENT!!"
(and you know what we mean)


Old School Saturday® is affectionately called "OSS" by our adoring OLD SCHOOL NATION. This quality event goes down once or twice per month. Please check this website and/or join our e-list for updates.

We feature "All Old School Music---All night." This is the "EVENT" where you'll remember the words to almost every song because it's part of the "SoundTrack of Your Life."
[more event 411]

[more event 411]
Our music covers all those eras that YOU love & remember from the
80s, and 90s
(especially Hip Hop classics).

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-- Look good, People !!
-- Dress it UP...not down
-- FULL LENGTH Jeans are OK
-- Dressy shorts are OK (e.g., linen)
-- No sneakers
-- No baseball caps
-- No athletic attire
-- No biker gear
-- No "white tees"
-- No sports jerseys
-- No denim/jean shorts
-- No cargo shorts
-- No capri pants (men)
-- No flip flops
-- No tank tops
Thank you for respecting our dress code...we appreciate you!!!

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Birthday Package
Celebrate your birthday with us. We'll reserve a table for you, put you in the VIP section, give you 10 tickets, champagne, and put your name and PHOTO on the big screens. [more]

Amazing Value:
Only $300

Are YOU Old School?
Take our quiz as we walk down memory lane with music, fashion, culture, historical events, and more...guaranteed to "TAKE YOU BACK." [more]


"Old School Saturday"® is a Federal Mark of OLD SCHOOL, LLC